Our mortgage process.

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If you’re simply trying to figure out whether you can qualify for a mortgage, then pre-qualification is generally the initial step of the mortgage process. Using credit, income, and asset information, we will make a determination as to which loan programs you’re eligible for and how much you may be able to afford. The information provided is strictly for your use and does not constitute loan approval.

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The first stage of the approval and loan application process involves the completion of a 1003 residential loan application. Once completed, our team will request items needed to support the information provided on your application. These will include paystubs, tax returns, W-2 forms, bank statements, and various other items depending on the type of loan you are applying for.

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This is the initial stage of your approval process where all the information gathered is reviewed. Our underwriters work with our processors to verify that the applicant meets all of the criteria of the loan program.

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Once the underwriter finishes their review and determines your ability to meet the requirements of your loan program, you’ll receive feedback on any additional conditions needed for final approval.

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The processing stage is where the items provided with your loan application are verified. Our loan processors will verify employment, review bank statements and credit history, and fulfill any conditions the underwriter needs to clear the loan for closing.

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Once your loan package is fully processed and all conditions have been satisfied, your file is marked “clear to close.” The lender prepares your closing documents, sends all necessary disclosures, and your closing is scheduled with your attorney/settlement agent and realtor, which is typically held at the title company.